Hack the Mr. Robot VM (CTF Challenge)

This is our another article of root2boot penetration testing challenge. We will walk through a exploitable framework Mr. Robot. It is based on the TV show, Mr. Robot, it has three keys hidden in different locations. The main goal is to find all three tokens hidden in the system. Each key is progressively difficult to […]

Hack the Stapler VM (CTF Challenge)

In this article we will try to attack and gain root access to the Stapler: 1 challenge from VulnHub. The goal is to reconnaissance, enumeration, and exploits this vulnerable machine to get root access and to read the contents of flag.txt. We have been told that are various methods to do so but we have tried and […]

Hack the Droopy VM (CTF Challenge)

In this article we will complete a root2boot challenge of Capture the Flag series. This is Walkthrough of droopy which is a vulnerable framework but it is little bit complex too. Download it from –> Here Walkthrough Let us start by scanning the network so that we can know the IP of our target. And […]

Hack the Sidney VM (CTF Challenge)

Today we will take up a boot2root challenge by Nightmares. We will work on Sidney: 0.2 made by Nightmares. This is the third challenge he genially came up with. The VM is set to grab a DHCP lease on boot. As before, gaining root is not the end of this VM. You will need to […]

Hack the Breach 1.0 VM (CTF Challenge)

This time we are going to solve a fun VM i.e. Breach 1.0. Let’s find out what we already know about it: Breach 1.0 is a first VM in a multi-part series, it is meant to be for beginner to intermediate boot2root/CTF challenge. It is configured with a static IP address ( so you will […]

Hack the Kevgir VM (CTF Challenge)

In this article we will walkthrough a root2boot penetration testing challenge i.e Kevgir. Kevgir is a vulnerable framework, based on the concept of CTF(Capture The Flag). Start off with finding the target using : First Download Kevgir Vm From Here netdiscover Our target is Now scan the target with nmap :nmap -A -p- […]

Hack the Minotaur VM (CTF Challenge)

Minotaur is a Boot2Root CTF challenge which helps us improve our skills especially of password cracking. The VM will assign itself a specific IP address (in the range). Do not change this, as the CTF will not work properly without an IP address of 192.168.56. We know to think about it i.e.: One password […]

Hack the NullByte VM (CTF Challenge)

This is our article of root2boot penetration testing challenge. We will walk through a exploitable framework of NullByte VM. Breaking into it isn’t too difficult. There isn’t any advanced exploitation or reverse engineering. The level is considered beginner-intermediate. We have to find “Proof.txt” and follow the further steps.  WalkThrough  Start off by finding your target. […]

Hack the Fristileaks VM (CTF Challenge)

Today we will walk through the FristiLeaks VM. There is nothing that we know about this VM except for the fact that security level is from beginner to intermediate. Also this VM only works on 08:00:27:A5:A6:76 MAC address or else it will not work. WalkThrough We will as always start with finding our target. netdiscover […]

Hack the VulOS 2.0 VM (CTF Challenge)

“Your assignment is to pentest a company website, get root of the system and read the final flag” is the only thing we know about this VM other than that is it a smaller one. Therefore without any further ado lets starts by finding our target aka victim. netdiscover And now we will run nmap […]