OWASP Mobile Application Security


Previously known as OWASP MSTG (Mobile Security Testing Guide)

The OWASP Mobile Application Security Testing Guide (MASTG) is a comprehensive manual for mobile application security testing. A fundamental learning resource for both beginners and professionals covering a variety of topics from mobile OS internals to advanced reverse engineering techniques.

It also provides an exhaustive set of test cases to be used for verifying the controls listed in the OWASP MASVS, including all relevant guidance and detailed information about the technical processes, techniques and tools.

Feel free to download the EPUB or Mobi for any amount you like. All funds raised through sales of this book go directly into the project budget and will be used to for technical editing and designing the book and fund production of future releases.

Mobile Application Security Checklist

The Mobile Application Security Checklist can be used to apply the MASVS controls during security assessments as it conveniently links to the corresponding MASTG test cases.

Its features include:

  • Unifies all MASVS categories into a single sheet
  • Traceable via exact MASVS and MASTG versions and commit IDs
  • Always up to date with the latest MASTG and MASVS versions
  • Enables user to add more columns or sheets as needed
  • Multi language

Source https://owasp.org/www-project-mobile-app-security/

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